Javi Rodriguez

Act. 20 and 22 Tax Exemptions in Puerto Rico

Moving to Puerto Rico has never been more attractive. These beautiful Caribbean island is part of the United States and attracts thousands of new residents and tourists every year with near-perfect climate, an average temperature of 82°F, miles of white sandy beaches, low cost of living, outstanding schools systems, healthcare services, and unlimited options for work, adventure and recreation.

Now there is one more reason to move to Puerto Rico: ZERO TAXES ON PASSIVE INCOME.

Quick Facts:

0% tax on dividend and interest income for New Puerto Rico Residents
0% tax on short- and long-term capital gains for New Puerto Rico Residents
0% federal taxes on Puerto Rico source income
Incredible tax savings on your investment portfolio returns
82°F weather all-year round and 300 miles of paradise beaches
Individual Investors Act

Puerto Rico recently enacted the Act to Promote the Relocation of Individual Investors (Act 22 of 2012) which seeks to attract new residents to Puerto Rico with incredible tax incentives.
0% tax rate on interest and dividend income for New Residents.
0% tax rate on all short- and long-term capital gains accrued after becoming a New Resident.
Rates are guaranteed till 2036 through tax incentives decree.
The tax savings are considerable, especially when one considers the fact that Puerto Rico Residents pay no U.S. federal taxes on Puerto Rico source income.

Puerto Rico has long been known as an island paradise full of world-class beaches, natural wonders, golf, arts, shopping, dining and nightlife. And many also know of its reputation as a serious place committed to business, growth, development and low taxes; and the passage of this law highlights this commitment.

The time to invest, work, live and play in Puerto Rico is now. Make the comparison to your current situation. Move to Puerto Rico and bring your family and friends with you!